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MTV’s Hottest x

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Normani explaining their after party experiences.

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Taylor replies to a fan on 8.31.14 on Instagram.

lmao who else does this what a fucking ANGEL taylor swift was sent to earth to make the world a better place i s2g goodbye

I’m crying bye

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Harry: “How did you break your arm? In a bouncy house?”

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“You’ve got to love Taylor Swift and what she has done. I equate her with Bruce Springsteen. I wrote a piece about her in Country Weekly magazine a while back, about an older guy’s feelings for Taylor Swift. I can’t identify too much with some of the songs she sings — I’m 65 years old, for crying out loud — but do I love her? Yes, I do. I think she’s a great example for kids these days. Do I think she’s gonna get bigger and bigger and bigger? I’d say the sky is the limit for Taylor.” — Joe Bonsall on Taylor (x)

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